Please take 10 mins to complete the following questionnaire. The information you provide will enable the ASA to better support you in saving your school swimming pool.

If you have any queries, please contact

1. Are you...

2. What is your postcode?

3. What is the name of the school you're representing

4. What is your role?

5. Who uses your pool? (please add the names of all that apply)

6. Which months of the year is your pool used? (tick all that apply)

7. Please describe your pool.

8. Who runs the pool?

9. Does the pool have changing facilities on site?

10. What are the barriers to running this facility? (tick all that apply)

11. What are the motivations to keep running this facility? (tick all that apply)

12. If your pool was to close, what would be the consequences?

13. Do you feel the closure of this facility will affect the local children's swimming ability?

14. How could we sustain the future of this facility?

15. Please provide your email or telephone number so that we can contact you and provide support

Thank you for this information, a member of ASA staff will be in touch with you soon