Introduction and Instructions

Thank you for your interest in Polk Street!

This project seeks to implement aesthetic and safety improvements for all users of Polk Street between McAllister and Union Streets. Improvements will primarily be focused on people who walk, use transit and ride a bicycle along Polk Street. Please follow the links from the Polk Street website - - to learn more about the project process and the project context. The project is funded by Proposition B General Obligation Bonds.

In the following pages, you will be shown a variety of potential street configurations that have been developed based on community input. Each one strikes a different balance in how the street space is allocated. For each design shown, please note whether you like the design for that segment of Polk, and whether you think it does a good job of balancing the following project goals:

Project Goals:
- Improve safety for people walking
- Improve safety for people biking
- Maintain commercial vibrancy and neighborhood character

Please review the images and read the description for each configuration before completing the survey. If you are not familiar with a particular segment of Polk Street and/or do not wish to provide input, feel free to skip that section of the survey.

Thank you – your input is extremely valuable.
4% of survey complete.