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We are happy to have you for this season of Policy Crunch with the theme: Disruption and Convergence in Public Policy and Governance.

We would love your feedback to do even better next time. Thank you for taking the time to make this possible. 

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* 2. Please rate your level of agreement with the following statements about the Policy Crunch that you attended.

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Overall, I'm pleased with this event
I found the topic discussed at the event was relevant to me
The speakers provided relevant insights to the subject
The mix of speakers brought a good variety of perspectives
The format of the event was conducive to a good conversation
The time allowed for the presentations and discussions was just right

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* 3. Do you plan to attend another Policy Crunch at IOG?

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* 4. Are you interested in learning more about our upcoming Dialogue and Debate Series that addresses complex challenges faced by the government and also gives public servants new knowledge, techniques and skills to reframe issues as win/wins?

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