The Monitoring Team is seeking public comment on the final draft of BPD’s web-based, e-learning training curriculum on Policy 708, which is BPD’s policy on handling calls for service and investigations involving allegations of rape and sex assault. This training curriculum is designed to teach officers the core concepts of a trauma-informed response to victims of rape and sex assault. The Second-Year Monitoring Plan calls for public comments on this proposed e-learning training curriculum. In combination with the Department of Justice and the Monitoring Team, BPD will consider these public comments before the training curriculum is finalized. The second and final comment period on the training curriculum is open through August 28, 2019

To view the policy please go to the following link: Training Curriculum: responding to Rape and Sexual Assault Calls for Service

Question Title

* 1. Please explain what you like and what you do not like about BPD’s proposed  Policy 709- Training Curriculum: Responding to Rape and Sexual Assault Calls for Service and for what you do not like, please explain what you would like to see instead.