The Eighth Annual Patient Experience Symposium (Boston, MA Sept 16 -18, 2024) invites submission for “Pocket Presentation” interactive sessions.

Share your latest healthcare experience research brief or project report in an innovative interactive format. Exchange ideas and collect input during real-time conversations among colleagues.

Hosted by The Journal of Patient Experience, "Pocket Presentation" sessions will present original research, transformative projects, and practical project case reports showcasing your latest efforts to advance healthcare experiences.

Presentations will highlight various aspects of the healthcare experience from a range of perspectives: patient, consumer, member, family, caregiver, clinician, staff, payor, provider, and leadership perspectives. Presentations will focus on the contributing factors to the overall experience, satisfaction, engagement, and well-being within healthcare settings.

2024 Symposium Theme: “Nurturing Progress: Planting the Seeds of Change for Patient Experience”.

Interactive Format: Invited presenters will provide brief presentations for a small “pocket” audience, followed by interactive conversations with the audience to maximize feedback, idea-sharing, and connections. All presentations must be delivered in-person.
  • Presenters are positioned in a “pocket” of the room to share their concise presentation ( 5 minutes, 5 slides).
  • Audience members visit each “pocket presentation”, and engage in the discussion following the presentation (10 minutes).
  • Participants rotate to a new pocket every 15 minutes during the session. A chime will signal each new round.
  • The presenter stationed in each “pocket” will present and discuss their featured topic with 3 separate small audiences during the session rounds.

Category 1: “Research Brief”
Abstract submissions should present original research that describes outcomes, processes, applications, or innovations that enhance the healthcare experience. A range of methods may be featured, including qualitative research, quantitative research, and experimental studies. Abstracts to include: Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion/Limitations, Conclusion.

Category Type 2: "Project Report"

Abstract submissions should present a report of project goals, design, implementation, results, and plans for future efforts. Audience members will offer supportive feedback, ask questions, and consider opportunities for implementation or collaboration. Abstracts to include: Introduction, Goals, Implementation/Methods, Results, Discussion questions

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: June 24, 2024 11:59 PM EDT (decision notifications by June 30, 2024).