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Introduction and Background

The Department of the Army is in the beginning stages of the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that analyzes the environmental and cultural effects of the proposed retention of up to approximately 6,300 acres of State-owned land on O‘ahu at three separate locations: Kahuku Training Area (KTA), Kawailoa-Poamoho Training Area (Poamoho) and Makua Military Reservation (MMR). The EIS is being prepared in accordance with Hawaiʻi Revised Statutes Chapter 343 and Hawaiʻi Administrative Rules Chapter 11-200.1. At a minimum, the EIS shall consider three (3) action alternatives and a no action alternative. 

A Cultural Impact Assessment (CIA) will be prepared as part of the EIS. The CIA team is seeking consultation with practitioners, Native Hawaiian Organizations, stakeholders, and other individuals. Specifically, consultation is sought on a) identification of an appropriate geographic extent of study, b) historic or existing cultural resources that may be impacted by the proposed project, c) historic or existing traditional practices and/or beliefs that may be impacted by the proposed project, and d) identification of individuals or organizations that should be sought out for consultation on the CIA. 

Due to the non-contiguous nature of the project area, the CIA will consist of three distinct parts, each part looking at a specific geographic area. Consultation is being conducted for each area to ensure a thorough investigation into the impacts in each geographic region. The CIA will also look at the cumulative and indirect impacts of the alternatives as a whole. 

Online surveys have been created for each geographic area. This is the survey for the Kawailoa-Poamoho Training Area.
The project area for the Kawailoa-Poamoho Training Area is comprised of Tax Map Key (TMK) (1) 7-2-001:006 in the ahupua‘a of Wahiawā and Wai‘anae Uka on the Island of O‘ahu.

Due to the high volumes of anticipated responses, this survey has been made available for all interested parties to provide input into the CIA at their convenience. Responses to this survey can be provided in Hawaiian, English, or a combination of both Hawaiian and English. Responses provided in Hawaiian will be considered in the CIA analyses, but these responses will not be translated in the CIA. 

All responses will be included in the CIA verbatim, with the exception of profanity or other inappropriate language (i.e., hate speech, threats), which will be redacted as appropriate. Personal contact information will also be redacted from the CIA.

Question Title

* 1. I hereby agree to be a participant in the Cultural Impact Assessment (herein referred to as “CIA”) for the proposed retention of up to approximately 6,300 acres of State-owned land on O‘ahu. I understand that part of the purpose of the CIA is to conduct oral history interviews with individuals with information about the subject property and surrounding area. I understand that Honua Consulting, LLC will retain the products of my participation (responses to this survey, etc.) for use on the project, but that I will remain owner of any of these products. I have the right to request them at any time. I understand that the material(s) will remain in the possession of Honua Consulting, LLC and that the material(s) may be used for scholarly, educational, land management, and other purposes.

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