Implementing Change using a PDSA Cycle

Qualifications 65 years and older, and individuals 19-65 years old who have the following chronic diseases or conditions: Chronic heart disease, chronic liver disease, chronic lung disease, diabetes mellitus, smokers

Goal – Increase pneumococcal vaccine rate in 65 and over population and those with chronic diseases, diabetes and smokers.

Suggested AIM #1: Create a team-based environment where specific staff members are responsible for aspects of care. Education and empower all staff members to be part of the project. Front desk help can be responsible for file pull and identifying and contacting patients. Nurse and PA’s can screen patients and vaccinate them.

Suggested AIM #2: Create standing orders for patients 65 years and older who have not received vaccine and those compromised patients.

Suggested AIM #3: Create a system to notify eligible patients that they are eligible for the pneumococcal vaccine. Offer many methods in a toolkit (postcards, email reminder language, text systems, etc).