1. Pearls & Perils Registration 2012

This year's Pearls and Perils of Classroom Teaching will be held on Friday, May 18th from 7:30am to 2:00pm at Central Campus.

Conference Schedule
7:30-8:30 am Registration and continental breakfast
8:30-9:45 am Morning workshops
10-11:15 am Keynote Address
11:30-12:30 pm Lunch
12:45-2 pm Afternoon workshops

Keynote speaker

Dr. Alice Horning, Professor of Writing & Rhetoric/Linguistics at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan.

Presentation: The "Don't, Won't, Can't" Problem with Student Reading and How to Solve It

Professor Horning will present some of the growing body of evidence about students’ reading problems and then offer audience participation exercises that will help faculty understand the psycholinguistic aspects of expert reading. She will offer brief, specific, and practical strategies for teaching reading in every class.

Biography: Alice Horning teaches an array of courses in Writing and Rhetoric, for the Honors College, and in the Department of Linguistics, chiefly dealing with language and literacy development. Her research focuses on the psycholinguistics of reading and writing and she has published books and articles in this area. Her forthcoming book is tentatively titled, Reading, Writing and Digitizing: Understanding Literacy in the Electronic Age.

In addition, there are many morning and afternoon workshops to choose from (see the program schedule below).

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Descriptions of Morning Sessions

Elizabeth Duclos-Orsello, “Service-Learning: You Can Do It! (and we will show you how)”
The goals of this hands-on workshop are to introduce basic concepts of service learning pedagogy, showcase examples of 7 S-L courses taught in spring 2012 (in 6 departments across CAS and HHS) highlighting the variety of models and structures. Attendees will be introduced to the S-L resources available for faculty at SSU, have an opportunity to engage in structured brainstorming about how to develop an S-L course and consult with presenters on strategies for integrating S-L in their courses.

Faculty Panel, “Pearls and Perils of Honors Thesis Advising”
Next year we will experience the largest demand for senior thesis advisers in the history of Salem State (n = 45 prospective thesis projects). One goal of this workshop is too encourage faculty to "take on" the role of thesis adviser in their discipline (next year or in subsequent years). A panel of experienced thesis advisers will share the challenges and rewards of this role and provide suggestions for connecting with prospective students. A second goal is to examine best practices for mentoring students throughout their independent projects (whether honors projects or other departmental directed studies).

Faculty Panel, “Permeable Boundaries Between Research/Creative Activities and Teaching.”
This workshop is sponsored by the University Research Advisory Committee, which administers mini-grants, seed grants and summer grants to support faculty research and creative activities. The Committee will invite a panel of past recipients of those grants to discuss how their research or creative activities support and enrich their teaching and how their teaching inspires and challenges their research agendas.

Gavriel Meirovich, “Creating a Favorable Emotional Climate in the Classroom”
This workshop is devoted to the creation of a favorable affective climate in the classroom which facilitates learning and improves performance of students. Applying Hersey and Blanchard’s seminal model of Situational Leadership, the workshop provides theoretical background and practical recommendations for using apt emotional responses in different pedagogical circumstances.

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Descriptions of Afternoon Sessions

Alice Horning, “Monday Morning Strategies for Improving Student Reading”
This will be a follow-up to the keynote presentation that will involve SSU faculty members and offer an opportunity to discuss some strategies for improving students’ reading problems.

Guorong Zhu, “Let It Unfold: Teaching Live Cases as a Pedagogical Experiment”
The overall goal for this workshop is to explore the option of "Teaching Live Cases" as a pedagogical initiative. “Live Cases” refer to a genuine situation of experiences with a continuous activity in which students are interested for their own sake. Students will take roles in solving a problem developing within the situation as a stimulus to thought, possess the information and make the observations needed to deal with it, and take responsibility to develop solutions, test his/her ideas by application, and validate his thoughts.

Susan Anderson, "Exploration of Self as Teacher Through the Use of Metaphor"
Using an interactive, small group approach, attendees will be able to articulate their personal approaches to teaching and learning. Attendees will experience the use of metaphors as a strategy to promote deep learning.

Carol Zoppel, Annette Chapman-Adisho, Kim Poitevin, and Zachary Newell, “Looking at the Student Research Process”
This workshop will engage faculty and librarians in looking at the student research process: where students encounter problems; concepts they do not understand; skills they lack; and methods they prefer to use, and why. We will begin a process of faculty/librarian collaboration in addressing these issues, and facilitate a discussion on the place of information literacy in the revised core curriculum.

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