The Plymouth2040 Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee has completed a draft community vision statement based on preliminary data research, the community survey, and the public workshop. The vision statement serves as a framework for the future, outlining the foundation where the Township is today and highlighting the aspirational goals the community wants to achieve over the next 20 years. It will ultimately become an important tool for resource allocation, guiding the short and long-term planning and policy decisions within the community and setting the standard against which all decisions must be compared.

The vision statement is intended to broadly demonstrate what Plymouth Township is now, and what it hopes to be by 2040. The vision statement is not intended to serve as a play-by-play of specific action items or implementation strategies; those will be further fleshed out in the body of the comprehensive plan.

Please read through the draft community vision statement below. While doing so, think if the themes and ideas presented reflect the kind of community you would like Plymouth to be, or if you envision different priorities and goals for the community. The Committee greatly appreciates your feedback and suggestions on this draft vision statement.

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Plymouth2040 Draft Community Vision Statement

With historic roots as an early agricultural and industrial center in Montgomery County, Plymouth Township has grown to be a family-oriented and welcoming community with an established network of parks and trails, excellent schools, and quality municipal services. Located at the intersection of multiple major highways, Plymouth has developed a strong commercial tax base and diverse employment opportunities, while remaining a desirable place to live with individual neighborhoods that evoke a “hometown-feel”.

Plymouth envisions a vibrant future for the Township that builds upon its strength as the crossroads of Montgomery County and prominence as a retail shopping destination and important economic center. With a continued focus on the community’s shared values and strengths, the Township will be able to enjoy its heritage while advancing towards the future.

In 2040, Plymouth will continue to be…
  • A safe, family-oriented, multi-generational, and inclusive community that provides affordable and quality housing opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.
  • A community that is highly-accessible by all modes of transportation with a focus on safe and convenient connections between the Township’s residential neighborhoods, shopping and employment centers, parks, open spaces, and schools via a network of sidewalks, interconnected trails, quality transit facilities, and well-maintained roads.
  • A destination that provides walkable, modern, and mixed use commercial centers that offer quality shopping, dining, and entertainment for all who live in or visit the Township.
  • A community that values and actively promotes walking, biking, and recreation through the Township’s established parks and trail system. An exemplary community center and an abundance of open space allow residents and visitors to enjoy a diverse range of recreation and leisure activities.
  • A progressive, sustainable community that is successful in its endeavors to protect local waterways, mitigate the effects of climate change, and encourage green building practices.

* 1. I agree with the themes and goals of this vision statement.

* 2. Please explain why you do or do not agree with the draft vision statement.

* 3. If the Steering Committee were to revise the vision statement, what other words or ideas should be included?

* 4. If you have a suggestion for a different vision statement, please share it below.

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