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The purpose of the EBMUD Waterways Plumber Training Program is to prepare graduates to compete for jobs in the water distribution industry. Graduates will be prepared to effectively perform basic plumber work, use tools and equipment, and direct traffic safety.

This nine-week course will require full-time participation, Monday - Friday, from mid-January to end of March 2012. Classes will be held at Laney College, 900 Fallon Street, Oakland, CA.

Your answers will be kept confidential. Complete and accurate answers will help us determine if you will be successful in the Plumber Training Program.

Please be prepared to provide basic personal information, work and education history as well as answer four short essay questions. Your participation in a Recruiting Survey is greatly appreciated. If you are not able to complete the application in one session, you may return to your application by clicking the application link on our website from the same computer.

Please answer ALL questions. Participation in the Recruiting Survey is optional. Only COMPLETED applications will be accepted. Missing answers or incomplete applications will not be considered in the screening process. Be sure to click "DONE" to submit your application prior to the November 18, 2011 deadline.

Please note that to proceed in the selection process, you must attend an Orientation Session. We will notify you of the orientation by email.

If you have any questions, please contact the Plumber Training Program staff at plumbertraining@hotmail.com.

Thank you.

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