Balboa Park Plaza de Panama Survey

Thank you for providing more details on what excites you about Balboa Park's upcoming Plaza de Panama Project. Everyone here at Balboa Park United, which includes the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership, the Balboa Park Conservancy, the Friends of Balboa Park, the San Diego Foundation and the Balboa Park Online Collaborative, looks forward to your feedback!

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* 1. Tell us what excites you about the Plaza de Panama Project.

  Not excited Somewhat excited Very excited I can't wait!
That the cars will be removed from the center of the park.
That I'll still be able to enter Balboa Park over the Cabrillo Bridge and drive or ride through the park in both directions between 6th and Park Boulevard.
That the project allows my family to enjoy a new open park space with grass (in what is now the Spreckels parking lot) while also increasing the parking availability in Balboa Park.
That there will be increased safety for bicycle riders and pedestrians from the San Diego Museum of Man all the way to the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center.
That there will be additional handicapped parking and a drop off area in the Alcazar parking lot.

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* 2. Do you have additional feedback you would like to share about the Plaza de Panama Project? (160 character limit)

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