WSA Player Evaluation & Feedback: Technical, Tactical, Psychological, Physical, Goalkeeper.

The Side Coach's Feedback for Player Tool and Resource.  Players will receive feedback in various elements of the game with the objective to prompt conversation and discussion between player and coach.  The overriding goal is to find an agreement of a next step to take to grow your game as a player by CHOOSING what to focus on.   

Be sure to distinguish between TECHNIQUE (mechanics) and SKILL (applied technique under pressure and at speed).  

The difference between PURELY ATHLETIC (evident traits in a sterile environment) and FUNCTIONAL TO GAME (application of athletic quality to soccer).

The difference between  UNDERSTANDING (knowledge of concepts) and APPLICATION (applying conceptual knowledge quickly and in game environment

We have tried to include many elements of game play, but no doubt left many off.   DO NOT FOCUS ON THE SCORES YOU RECEIVED FOCUS ON THE AREAS YOU BELIEVE SHOULD BE GIVEN ATTENTION.  Scan your evaluation, find the areas you want to focus on, then circle back to those, and work with your coach on an action plan and then take action.   

THIS IS NOT AN END POINT.  THIS DOES NOT DEFINE YOU (good or bad).  This is the beginning of your next steps.   Have fun.  Work hard.  Be grateful.  Always becoming..... 

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