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Planning are currently putting together plans for our brand new events programme, and would like to invite you to share your invaluable opinions and thoughts in our short survey.

In order to make our events as relevant as possible, we ask that you complete this very quick survey to tell us what matters most to you, and what you would find most valuable to explore further.

Survey participants will be entered into a draw to win a FREE TICKET to our next National Planning Summit, taking place in March 2015.

* 1. Please enter the following information, necessary for the prize draw:

* 2. Indicate which sector you belong to:

* 3. Which type of event is most valuable to you currently?

  Not interested Interested, would like to have Necessary, would need to have
Training sessions/workshops
Breakfast briefings
Networking events

* 4. Which of the following apply to your attitude to professional events?

* 5. What is most important to you if deciding whether to attend an event?

  Not important Plays some role in my decision making, but not important Important, will play a key role in my decision making Extremely important, will make or break my decision
Event title/focus
Format (e.g. conference, training, webcast, tradeshow etc.)
CPD certification

* 6. What makes you consider if an event is worth paying for?

* 7. What do you consider to be an appropriate entry price for the following?

  Free £0-100 £100-200 £200-300 £300-400 £400-500 £500+
A networking event
Breakfast briefing
Half-day workshop
One-day conference, niche topic
One-day summit, large attendance, streamed content
An online information/webcast portal

* 8. What months are best for you to attend events?

* 9. Which industry events have you attended in the last year? (Please list)

* 10. What would you like to see more of in terms of events for planning professionals? What do you feel is missing?

* 11. If you could create your ideal event, what would it look like? (Please describe)

* 12. How long would it be? (Specify in hours)

* 13. How many sessions would it have?

* 14. What format would it take? (e.g. presentations, panels, roundtable discussions, breakouts, a mixture...)

* 15. What areas are most of interest to you at the moment?

  Not interested Interested, would like to have an event in this area Necessary, would need to have an event in this area
Strategic Planning
Development Management
CIL and Finance
Design and Architecture
Economic Development
Environmental Planning
Town Centres
Rural Planning

* 16. What are your top 3 planning challenges today?

* 17. Are any of the following topics of particular interest at the moment?

* 18. Would you like to register your interest to hear about our upcoming Planning For Housing Conference on 16th September, in London?

* 19. For vendors only. What about an event would make you excited about sponsoring it?

* 20. How would you prefer to hear about upcoming events?

* 21. Would you be interested in a bespoke events service, tailored to the specific marketing challenges of your business in 2015 (rather than industry standard events)?