Bicycle Network Victoria, with funding from VicHealth, is trialing a Planning Checklist for Cycling. The Checklist aims to clarify the basic requirements for cycling by providing a series of step by step items for each of the different stages of the planning process. It distils current research, planning laws and guidelines for cycling into three key areas of the planning process: regional, suburban and subdivision. Each checklist item includes objective, assessable criteria for the critical requirements for cycling. For the detailed practice note click here. Each level of the checklist focuses on the connectivity, permeability and quality of cycling in urban growth areas. The aim of the Planning Checklist for Cycling is to ensure that safe cycling routes are considered in new suburban developments. The checklist facilitates a quick and clear assessment of whether the proposal meets the basic requirements for cycling. If the development meets all the checklist item requirements then cycling will be a viable travel choice for destinations within cycling distance. This survey lets you record your assessment of a single proposal against the Checklist items and allows you to provide feedback. By using the online survey to record your assessment you are allowing us to track the effectiveness and usefulness of the Checklist. We encourage you to complete assessments for multiple proposals but you will need to do each one separately. Using the feedback provided we hope to release a final version of the Checklist in July 2012. The ultimate aim would be to have the requirements of the Checklist included in planning schemes. We appreciate your time. Your feedback and views are valuable to us. The Checklist should take 10-45 minutes to complete depending on the planning level and the complexity of the proposal you are reviewing. We will keep the online survey open for six months to allow the review of as many and as wide a range of proposals as possible.

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