Welcome to the District of Sooke Official Community Plan survey portal

Over the past two months, community input has been gathered through a variety of engagement opportunities. The questions that follow are based on the feedback received to date on community values and how future planning decisions should be made. Please feel free to contact planning@sooke.ca should you have any questions. We appreciate your feedback and thoughtfulness in helping to PlanSookeNow and into the future.

* 1. Please review and rank in order the following 10 design priorities for community planning in Sooke

* 2. A large portion and variety of housing stock and rental units should remain affordable in Sooke.

* 3. When investors come to Sooke, box stores and commercial chains should be encouraged along Highway 14 only.

* 4. To keep commercial land and business rents low priced, minimum commercial lot sizes should be reduced.

* 5. Local small businesses should ideally form a hub, around a town plaza in the Town Centre away from highway 14.

* 6. The parking supply in the Town Centre should be increased.

* 7. To protect public water and mountain views, multi-family and commercial building heights should be lowered to a maximum of 4 stories on the waterside of Highway 14.

* 8. Please let us keep you informed: