Pilot Teachers Needed!

Attention High School Teachers!

We need teachers to help us pilot a new lesson plan for Agriculture in the Classroom Canada. Planet X focuses on careers in agriculture and food and links to a wide variety of courses in grades 9-12.

Planet X takes students on a ‘mission’ to select a team of 10 professionals who will produce food on a new planet in the year 2050. Students will gain appreciation and knowledge of the multitude of professions that exist within agriculture and food, while also understanding the importance of every day food production and sustainability to the global population.

-          Apply to pilot and receive a ‘draft’ version of the Planet X resource*
-          Commit to deliver the lesson and provide feedback to AITC-Canada
-          Complete survey about the lesson by December 22, 2017 to receive a $50 gift card
*Note: Limit of 5 teachers per province

Suggested Curriculum Connections (course only):

British Columbia
Career Life Education
Career Life Connections
Food Studies 10, 11, 12
Science 10
Science for Citizens 11
Environmental Science 11, 12

Science 10
Career and Life Management
Science 10
Environmental Science 20
Physical Science 20
Information Processing 10/20/30
Career Work Education 30A, 30B
Grade 9 Life/Work Exploration
Grade 11 Agriculture
Grade 10 Career Studies
Grade 11 Designing your Future
Science 10;
Biology 11, Biology 12, Chemistry 11, Chemistry 12
Green Industries 10, 11, 12
Exploration of Vocational Training
Personal Orientation Project

New Brunswick
Career Exploration 110
Personal Development and Career Planning Grades 9-10
Science 10
Physics 11, 12
Physics 12
Healthy Living 120
Nova Scotia
Science 10
Prince Edward Island
Grade 11/12 Agri-Science
Grade 11/12 Animal Science
Grade 12 Agri-Science
Grade 12 Animal Science
Grade 11/12 Co-operative Education
Newfoundland and Labrador
Environmental Science 3205