Thank you for taking the time to complete this 10 minute survey.

Once you begin the survey, you will see a number of images, including buildings, parks, and roads. Please rate each image based on how appealing you think its design is for any future development in the County Road 25-A Special Planning Area.

Specific instructions will appear at the beginning of each page for your reference.

We need your input! Your responses will have a direct impact on the County Road 25-A Special Planning Area's future. Public participation is an essential piece of the planning process, and local expertise from business owners and residents will add value to the study's outcome.

The purpose of this project is to develop a Master Development Plan for the County Road 25-A Special Planning Area. The planning process will identify the unique characteristics of the North County Road 25-A Corridor, engage the public, determine the infrastructure improvements required for future development, prepare design concepts and plans that promote the corridor, and detail the necessary zoning and development regulation updates. This plan will also serve as an update to the current Comprehensive Plan by addressing changes since the plan’s adoption in 2006.

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