Information About When You Were A Student At Pittsfield High School

* When did you graduate or plan to graduate from Pittsfield High School?

* Please provide us with your contact information - we may want to invite you to some school events later. You do not have to provide this information in order to complete the survey, but it would help. All of your information will be confidential and anonymous, and your privacy will be protected. No identification information will be tied to specific responses. School personnel will not know who said what.

* Do you give permission to share your updated contact information with Pittsfield High School and their Alumni association?

* What is your gender?

* When you finished Pittsfield High School:

* Which track best describes the one you were on as a student at Pittsfield High School?

* What was your grade point average (GPA) when you left Pittsfield High School? If you can't remember, pick the most likely GPA.

* Which best describes your parent's education background?

  Mother Father
Some high school or less
High school diploma
Some college/associate degree
Bachelor's degree
Advanced degree

* Did the school provide you with an IEP (individualized education plan), 504, or special education services?

* When you were in high school, did you:

* When you were a student at high school, did you or your family

  Yes No Unsure
Receive free school lunch
Receive food stamps
Receive housing assistance
Receive welfare subsidies
Receive unemployment assistance

* How well do you feel Pittsfield High prepared you for life after high school?

  Very well Somewhat Not very well Not at all
Trade or vocational training
Marriage and parenting
Civic responsibility

* Rate your experiences on these aspects of Pittsfield High School.

  Wonderful Adequate Poor Awful
Administrators (principals, guidance counselors, etc)
Academic courses
Vocational courses
School spirit
Academic opportunities
Social opportunities
Civic opportunities
Making the world a better place

* We would like to know more about your experiences as a student at Pittsfield High School with the following - would you say that they were:

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Did not use
Social studies/history
Foreign Language
Health education
Physical education
Vocational education
Sports teams
Clubs and other activities
Special education
School nurse
Guidance counselors

* How much were you encouraged to go to college or trade school by:

  Lots Some A little None I was discouraged to go
Your teachers?
Guidance counselors?
Your mother?
Your father?
Your brother, sister, or other family members?

* We are interested in how well Pittsfield High prepared you for college or trade school on these items:

  Available and used Available not used Not available from school
College or trade school search process
College or trade school application help
SAT/ACT preparation and assistance
Essay writing
Recommendation letters
How to get scholarships
How to find and apply for financial aid
Understanding loans and financial packages
There were higher education events for my family
We went to or knew about a college fair
We had speakers encouraging higher education
I learned to use internet to find school information

* What would you say were obstacles to your considering going to college or trade school?

  Major issue Minor issue Not an issue
I had money concerns
I didn't feel smart enough
My parents didn't encourage me to go
I had other family responsibilities
I didn't know how to apply
I didn't have strong grades
I didn't take the right classes
I didn't feel well enough prepared
I didn't have people to recommend me
My teachers didn't encourage me to go
My guidance counselor didn't encourage me to go
My peers weren't going
I missed college deadlines
I preferred to get a job

* In what ways do you believe that Pittsfield High School could have prepared you better for post-high school higher education? Check all that apply.

* What other things could Pittsfield High School do to help students go to college or trade school?

* Did you leave Pittsfield High School with a clear plan of what you were going to do with your life after graduation?

* How prepared do you believe you were for college or trade school?

* What did you like the most about high school?

* What did you like the least about high school?

* What would you recommend to make Pittfield High School better?

* Is there anything else you would like to say about your experience as a student at PMHS?

* Since graduation, what have you been doing?

* Have your educational or career plans changed since graduating from high school? If so, in what way?

* Since graduating from Pittsfield High School, what best describes your educational journey? Check all that apply.

* Which of the following higher education experiences have you had? Check all that apply

* If you have gone to college, what is your major?

* If you went into the military, please answer the following questions about your military experience. Otherwise, skip this question and move on.

  Very good or easy Somewhat Not good or easy
How useful were the skills you acquired for getting a job later?
How good was the job or career training you received?
How easy has it been to get a job after you got out?

* If you went to college or trade school, which best describes your experience?

  This happened for me This is somewhat true This never happened for me
I took remedial or noncredit English classes to help me be better prepared
I took remedial or noncredit Math classes to help me be better prepared
I got tutoring
I needed extra help in my classes
I usually found my college classes to be easy or do-able
I usually found my college classes to be very hard
I dropped some classes because they were too hard

* If you are a college graduate or student, what type of job do you expect to get?

* If you decided to work instead of going to college, what type of job do you have?

* How successful do you feel you have been in your career or education so far?

* Are you:

* What is your yearly income?

* What types of federal or state assistance aid do you receive? Check all that apply.

* Which best describes your living arrangement?

* Do you currently have any of the following?

  Good coverage Some coverage No coverage
Retirement plan
Health insurance
Dental insurance
Mental health coverage
Life insurance

* How do you feel about your future?

* Would you be interested in sharing more of your thoughts on high school?

  Yes I would be interested No I would not be interested
Focus or discussion group
Phone interview