* 1. Are you aware of Pitkin County's weekly "Agenda" ad every Monday in the Aspen Daily News?

* 2. What kind of information do you find useful in Pitkin County's weekly ad?

* 3. Do you think the weekly newspaper "agenda" ad is a good way for the county to get information to the community?

* 4. Would you rather get information about the county - the information in this ad - via email?

* 5. Do you get information about Pitkin County on the Internet? If so where?

* 6. Do you read local newspapers?

* 7. Do you pay attention to online advertising?

* 8. Do you listen to local news on the radio?

* 9. Do you watch Pitkin County webcasts (streamed from our website: www.aspenpitkin.com) of County Commissioner meetings?

* 10. Do you watch the Pitkin County government channel CGTV Channel 11?

* 11. Is Pitkin County doing a good job of getting information about the County to you (the public)?

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