Service Focus

* 1. Please tell us where you live:

* 2. In your opinion, to what extent do gaps in mental health and substance use programs/services exist in the Roaring Fork Valley?

  No gap (programs/services are sufficient) Minor gap (intermittent gaps or issues with programs/services occur) Significant gap (chronic gaps or issues with programs/services occur) Major gap (little to no programs/services exist in the Roaring Fork Valley) Don't know/No opinion
Mental health programs/services (prevention, intervention, treatment, after-care)
Substance use programs/services (prevention, intervention, treatment, after-care)

* 3. When you think about the highest priority changes to make to mental health and substance use programs/services, what comes to mind?  Please select your top 3 priorities from the list below.

  Priority 1 Priority 2 Priority 3
Increase care coordination and case management in the behavioral health system. 
Increase early childhood, school age and family prevention and intervention programs.
Focus more on early identification of community member behavioral needs.
Take more actions to impact the social determinants of health (such as housing, transportation, chronic stress, etc.)
Increase the availability of a culturally-informed behavioral health workforce and inclusive services.
Take actions to decrease the stigma of mental health and substance abuse disorders.
Find ways to decrease the cost of care to clients.
Add behavioral health clinicians to schools.
Increase capacity for detox and mental health hospital services.
Better integration of behavioral health and peer support in healthcare and community settings.
I would take an action not listed above.

* 4. If you would like to elaborate on your responses to the questions above, please feel free to do so.  We appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.