Survey Purpose and Consent Requirement (18+ years of age)

Pikes Peak Outdoors Leisure and Recreation Survey


Nature and the outdoors are astounding assets to the Pikes Peak region. They are important to our quality of life and serve as a foundation for the region, helping to diversify economy and attract/retain key employers and employees. This survey intends to measure the specific aspects of the outdoors important to residents and determine how they are important and can be improved. Your help taking this survey is key to initiating a robust discussion of the region and how it can be compatible with our natural setting. The Colorado College Innovation Institute is partnering with El Pomar Foundation's Pikes Peak Heritage Series and Springs Insight Exchange in this effort. Thanks for your support.


Online Consent Form

You are invited to take part in this survey. Your participation will require approximately five minutes and is completed online. There are no known risks or discomforts associated with this survey. You will benefit as this survey structures your thinking about the outdoors and its regional importance. You can choose in the final question to register for a gift card drawing.

Taking part in this study is completely voluntary. Your responses will be kept strictly confidential, and digital data will be stored in secure computer files. Any report of this research that is made available to the public will not include your name or any other individual information by which you could be identified. If you have questions or want a copy or summary of this study’s results, you can contact the researcher at the email address below. If you have any questions about whether you have been treated in an illegal or unethical way, contact the Colorado College Institutional Research Board chair, Amanda Udis-Kessler at 719-227-8177 or Please feel free to print a copy of this consent page to keep for your records.

Please answer question 1 below and if you are 18 years or older please continue. 

Walter Hecox
Professor Emeritus
Summer 2016 Colorado College Innovation Institute &
Senior Program Advisor
El Pomar Foundation's Pikes Peak Heritage Series or

July, 2016



* 1. Are you 18 years or older?

* 2. What are the three greatest strengths of the Pikes Peak Region?

* 3. What are the three greatest challenges facing the Pikes Peak Region?

* 4. Please provide your choice for a few-word description of Colorado Springs/ Pikes Peak Region.

* 5. Select the number of days in a year on average that you participate in these select outdoors activities. (If you do not participate in an activity simply do not mark a box.)

  1 - 10 days 11 - 20 days 21 -30 days 31 - 40 days 41 - 50 days 50+ days
Biking (mountain/non-paved surface)
Biking (road/paved surface)
Camping (RV/Car)
Climbing (sport/indoor/Boulder)
Fishing (fly)
Fishing (rod)
Hiking (day)
Hiking (overnight: backpacking)
Horseback riding
Relaxing outside
Road Tripping/ Scenic Driving
Sightseeing/ Wildlife Viewing
Skiing cross country/ Snowshoeing
Skiing downhill/ Snowboarding
Survival training/ Boot camp/ Orienteering
Team Sports
Walking for enjoyment
Walking/ Biking to work
Yoga and other outdoor exercises 

* 6. What are the three most important issues the Pikes Peak Region should address to improve outdoor recreation?

* 7. How can accessibility to your top three outdoor activities in the Pikes Peak Region be increased?

* 8. Based on experience or reputation how do you rate the desirability of living in the following places. (1 = least desirable, 10 = most desirable)

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Colorado Front Range
Ft. Collins
Colorado Springs

* 9. Do you volunteer for an outdoor organization?

* 10. Are you male or female?

* 11. Choose the area you identify with the most.

* 12. What is your age?

* 13. Which of the following categories best describes your employment status?

* 14. What is the highest level of school you have completed or the highest degree you have received?

* 15. OPTIONAL: For a chance to win an outdoor gift card and receive updates about the uses of this survey enter your e-mail address. (Your responses to questions will remain confidential.)