Welcome to the EcoMatters West Coast Lagoons Project - 'Piha Community Survey'!

The purpose of this survey is to gather information about social and environmental connection within the Piha community. EcoMatters will use data obtained to learn about the effectiveness of the awareness campaign and free septic tank checking programme we are conducting to help reduce contamination in the Piha lagoons. Septic tanks have been shown to be one of the key factors causing the lagoons to be unswimmable. This project is aimed at addressing that cause. Other contributors such as animal faeces (dogs, birds, horses) are being addressed separately.

The survey is completely anonymous and will only take a couple of minutes to finish.

On this project we are trialing a new style of survey methodology which may seem unfamiliar at first. Please just do your best - there are no right or wrong answers. If you wish to provide feedback on the process there is an email address listed at the end. 

Your feedback is important.

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