Welcome to the Teen Youth Survey! You are tasked with reading the scenario below and placing in order, by number of importance, your top 10 issues you believe your classmates and other teens are experiencing. 1 being the most important issue and 10 only being slightly less important. There are no wrong answers. Please use all of the numbers 1-10. If you cannot choose between two topics you may number them as a tie, (EX: 2 , 2) As long as you have at least 10 issues numbered. We understand that this is a group of topics that are all tough, however, we want to know your biggest challenges. All topics do not have to have a number, only your top ten (or tied) choices.
You are from the small town, Blackshear, it seems from the outside to be in a bubble of success. Kids do well in school, families are thriving, and business is booming. But is it only a mirage?

Your neighboring counties are facing several different and difficult challenges. Appling County has had an increase in young people committing suicide. Ware County has over twice the Georgia average for teens testing positive for sexually transmitted diseases. Brantley County is suffering with a rise in people addicted to meth which also increases their child abuse and neglect numbers. Charlton County has a drop out rate of one in every four high school students.

You know it is inevitable that some of these concerns will creep into your town and begin to spread without diligent education and awareness efforts made. You are also aware that your town has problems no one wants to talk about or even acknowledge as being a problem.

It is YOUR job to be the catalyst for change. You want these matters addressed and altered before they can truly affect your community. The question is: What needs to be addressed first? Where do you start? And remember this isn't only about you, it's about your classmates, the other Pierce County teens, and anyone who may be affected by the topics listed.

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* 1. Please rank the top 10 issues that you think should be addressed:

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this short survey!  It will help us prepare the best programs and supports we can for you and the community.