We Need Your Insights!

Pickering Public Library values your feedback!

We want to reach as many people who live in Pickering as possible! We want to include everyone's diverse voices and opinions. Everyone is welcome to take-part in this survey - whether or not you currently use the library.

What we learn from these surveys will help us to meet your wants, needs, and goals for the future of Pickering Public Library.

...That's why it's important to hear from you!

We're curious about:
  1. What you think about your community and the Pickering Public Library,
  2. How you use the Pickering Public Library, and
  3. How you see Pickering Public Library getting better in the future!
It will take roughly 12-15 minutes to finish–or longer, you decide! Answer what you can and skip what you want. We don't ask for your name, and all your responses are anonymous.

Survey results will be used to help us make innovative ideas about future services at the library. 

...We want to build it to suit you!

Thank you for your thoughts and ideas!