We want to hear from you!

Repsol Sport Centre is committed to building the physical literacy of Canada’s children and youth and empowering them to feel confident and motivated in their physical activities and sports. The Centre has aligned its sport programs with the Long Term Athlete Development principles and is also taking a leadership role in building the capacity of sport clubs and parents through education and mentoring activities. 

The following survey will help us determine where we should focus our education and awareness efforts, and how best to support parents. As a thank you for your time, each survey completed by May 31st with a valid email address will be entered for a chance to win a free registration in a 2017 Summer Sport Camp.

* 1. Have you heard the term physical literacy?

* 2. If yes, where did you hear about it?

* 3. Have you visited the Long Term Athlete Development page on the Repsol Sport Centre website?

* 4. Rate each factor below for importance when selecting activities for your child (1 is not important at all and 5 is extremely important)

  1 not important 2 3 4 5 extremely important N/A
Child’s interest
Physical/skill development
Social development/friends
Level of coach/leader training
Family time

* 5. Rate each factor below for importance when determining your satisfaction with a program or sport activity for your child. (1 is not important and 5 is extremely important)

  1 not important 2 3 4 5 extremely important N/A
They are having fun and want to go back
They are active and moving most of the time
They are learning new skills
The coaches and parents make me feel welcome
It is easy to get to and from
The coach spends time with each child and makes modifications that make him/her feel confident and valued
The facility/venue is safe and welcoming
The facility/venue identifies with the LTAD model

* 6. How much time per day does your child spend doing moderate to vigorous activity?

* 7. How much time do you personally spend per day doing moderate to vigorous physical activity?

* 8. Do you or your family currently use Repsol Sport Centre programs or Memberships? Click all that apply.

* 9. If your child is in a program, do you currently workout while they are at their activity?

* 10. What could Repsol Sport Centre do to make it more convenient for you to work out here while your child is at activities?

* 11. What would make our Registered Programs for children better?

* 12. Please provide your email address to be entered into the draw.