Thanks so much for taking the important step to evaluate your organization's recruitment. We appreciate your time and look forward to learning more about you. This survey should take less than 15 minutes to complete.

Please take this survey with your individual chapter/organization in mind rather than a council or umbrella group. 

* 1. Please provide some basic information.

* 2. Is your organization?

* 3. Do your consider your organization

* 4. What time of the year does your primary recruitment take place?

* 5. Does your organization have a single list in a specific place with names and contact information of potential candidates for membership? (this does not include a council formal recruitment registration list)

* 6. How many names are on this list?

* 7. Currently, what would most members of your organization believe is the most important strategy for growing your organization?

* 8. How many of the following methods does your organization use to market itself currently?

Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter/Social Media etc.
Campus or Individual Website
Communications/referrals from faculty
Communications/referrals from other organizations
Recruitment Videos
Posters/Newspaper Ads/Paper Marketing
Formalized Recruitment Process

* 9. What methods of marketing does your organization utilize? Please select all that apply.

* 10. Which of the recruitment methods listed below would most members of your organization say is the primary reason they joined your group?