We invite your institution to sign on to the joint statement to denounce anti-blackness and racism and work towards realizing racial equity and racial justice. We believe a public declaration of our commitment to racial equity demonstrates solidarity and inspires public accountability of institutional philanthropy for the past, present, and future.

This statement was shaped by a group of leaders of color in the field of philanthropy with deep thought and intention, shaped by local writer Sun Yung Shin, and further revised to bring it to its most current form.

Please consider signing on by Wednesday, June 10, 12 pm CT. 

What does it mean to sign on to the joint statement?

  • It does not mean we are perfect: The work of true racial equity is a journey. We have an opportunity to utilize this statement as a tool and a vision to deepen our work understanding we are flawed. We know transformation takes time and yet we must move with urgency to harness this moment for change.
  • It inspires action: We intend for this joint statement to be a living document that will continue to inspire action long after it is shared with the public in each of our individual institutions and in our collective efforts.
  • It is in solidarity: Our statement here is rooted in and builds upon what our community has expressed.
  • It is unique in form: While our views here have been said many times before by community voices or individuals in our field, it is new, and long overdue, that a philanthropic coalition would make a public statement specifically condemning anti-Blackness, anti-Black police violence, and racism. We have an opportunity to harness this moment and utilize our voice for good.

Please see the joint statement here and complete the following questions. 

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