By completing this survey, you become a member of the Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem and the Philadelphia STEM Equity Collective, a major initiative within the Ecosystem.  The Ecosystem and the Collective share the common objective of providing Philadelphians with equitable access to STEM education, resources, and opportunities. The Ecosystem’s mission is: By increasing collaboration, identifying gaps in resources and enhancing the quality of STEM education, the Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem promotes just and equitable access to STEM opportunities for all children and youth. The Collective’s goal is specific to career access, and “increase the number of Black, Latinx and female Philadelphians going into STEM careers by 2030.” One way to visualize this is that the Collective is focusing on one very important element of the Ecosystem – so important, that it generated its own funding, infrastructure, goals, and objectives. 

In addition to creating distribution lists, this information will be used to ensure that our Ecosystem and Collective members are diverse and representative of our stakeholders. To learn more about how we use your personal information and your rights in relation to that information, please review the Philadelphia STEM Equity Collective Privacy Notice. You can amend your contact information or update your communication preferences at any time by contacting Betsy Payne at