The Eastwood Neighborhood Association's Skate Park Research Committee is looking for your ideas as we begin planning for Phase II of the Plaza.  Please make sure that anyone else you know who cares about the Skate Plaza completes the survey, too.  The survey is also available to be completed online at

* About You

* What is your age?

* How do you prefer to be contacted?

* What is your skill level?

* Which do you prefer?

* Which area of Huntington Park should be used for the Phase II expansion?

* Which type of expansion do you prefer?

* Indicate which style of expansion you would prefer.  Enter the percentage of the park you want as streetscape vs. transition?

* Select the amenities you would like in your park.  You may select more than one.

Street Amenities:

* Transitional Amenities:

* Which Bowl options do you prefer?

* Did we miss anything?

Thank you for participating in the East Woods Skate Plaza Phase II survey!