Thank you for participating in our survey. We'd like to learn more about where UK pets travel, and how they are protected against exotic parasites. Also, how much pet owners (and others - please continue even if you don't own a dog!) know about these diseases, and what they think about the rules for pet travel and how they might be improved. This will help us to advise vets, pet owners and government on how to best protect pets from exotic and imported parasitic infections.

We'd especially like to hear from people who have taken their pets overseas this year, but feel free to answer the questions on knowledge and attitudes even if you have not (or don't have a dog). The results will be anonymous and used for scientific publication and policy advice only, and not used for commercial purposes or divulged to any third party. It should take you around 5 minutes to complete. Thank you for your help, it is much appreciated and will help to keep our pets safe while on holiday, and prevent them from bringing exotic parasites into the UK.

Please address any questions about this survey to eric.morgan@bristol.ac.uk