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Tragically, many pets die every year due to suffocation caused by plastic and mylar-type bags including chip bags, snack food bags, pet food bags, cereal bags, and other food containers. It happens far more often then you’d think.

This survey is in partnership with Bonnie Harlan, Founder of Prevent Pet Suffocation at, who lost her beloved dog, Blue, in December 2011 when he suffocated in a chip bag.

The information gathered in this survey will be used in the ongoing campaign to affect change and prevent these devastating pet suffocation tragedies.

This survey should take you between 3-5 minutes to complete.   Please complete and submit the survey, by clicking on “Done” on the last page, regardless of whether or not you have personally lost a pet to suffocation. Thank you in advance.

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* 1. Have you lost a pet due to suffocation in a bag or food container? (Please continue with the survey by clicking "next" below, regardless of the answer you select for this question.)