I would like to ask you to take a part in the research, which aims to unravel how our personality influences the way we perceive ourselves as a potential partner and how much effort we put in to get, retain and become a partner. This study is designed for the purpose of an Honours project in Psychology (BA) at Edinburgh Napier University.

I would like to ask you to fill in five short questionnaires, which contain statements related to your perception of yourself. Your task would be to read them and choose the answer that reflects the strength of your agreement or disagreement.

Some questions might be personal and intimate in nature however, this is necessary to truthfully understand how we see ourselves as a potential partner. Here is an example question:

1. When I see an attractive person with their partner, I might try to get their attention

Please note that it’s not my aim to ask you about your actual behavior (How many sexual partners did you have?), but to ask you about your attitude towards yourself (I see myself as capable of having as many sexual partners as I choose). It is not what you do that interests me, but how you see yourself.

You are not required to answer all the questions. There are no "right" or "wrong" answers.

The questionnaires are fully anonymous, confidential and voluntary. If you will feel any discomfort please note that you have the right to withdraw at any time without giving a reason for doing so. There will be no penalty for your withdrawal.

The Researcher would like to ensure your anonymity as none of your personal details (name, occupation, address, email, etc) would be known to the researcher. Your answers will be coded and they will appear as numbers. Therefore, it will be impossible to recognize and identify you in any records.

All the data collected will be used for the research purposes and will be seen by the researcher and relevant supervisors only. Please note that your initial data will be destroyed after the project completion and its assessment. This questionnaire is completely anonymous and confidential.

Please, take your time and consider each statement carefully. The questionnaire should not take longer than 10 minutes. This is a one off contribution. I will not contact you again to participate in any other study.

The findings of this research might be published and presented at various conferences. Therefore, I am happy to offer a summary of a final report (or/and relevant publications) to each participant as a thank you for your participation. If therefore, you would like to receive one, or you have any suggestions about the questionnaire, please feel free to contact Ms Joanna Chabinska (the researcher) at jcha1@o2.pl or Dr Rory MacLean (project supervisor) at r.maclean@napier.ac.uk.

Thank you
Joanna Chabinska