Peralta is conducting a Service Satisfaction Survey for the District Benefits Office and would like your feedback. Your responses will be used to assess and/or improve the quality of services we currently provide.
Your answers and responses will be held in confidence
You may respond online or by completing the survey by paper
Please return your responses by May 31, 2017
We expect to announce the results of the survey in June 2017 
If you are completing this survey by paper rather than electronically, you can return your completed survey to
Trudy Largent, Vice Chancellor of Human Resources and Employee Relations
333 East 8th Street
Oakland,CA  94606

* 1. What is your Affiliation with Peralta?

* 2. In the last 12 months, how often have you utilized the Peralta District Benefits Office.

* 3. Rate your interactions with the District Benefits Office.

  strongly agree agree neither agree nor disagree disagree strongly disagree does not apply
my concerns were handled to my satisfaction
my questions were handled in a timely manner
I was treated respectfully

* 4. As we introduce electronic and self-service options do you have a non-Peralta email address that you would prefer to use to receive notices and information electronically?

* 5. In the last 12 months, how often have you used the District Benefits website to access information?

* 6. Rate your ease of use of this website.

* 7. How frequently do you check your email messages?

* 8. Have you initiated contact with any other District groups or individuals in the past year (For example: union,  Peralta Retiree Organization, Pan African American Association, colleague, etc) to resolve an issue regarding District medical or dental benefits?

* 9. How important is it for the District Benefits office to help you with each item below?

  not important important somewhat important very important not applicable
advocating for me when I have a problem with insurance providers
explaining Peralta District medical benefits
distributing and making information available both on-line and by home delivery through the United States Post Office
providing phone hours or office hours for individual questions and concerns
helping fill out out District-specific forms
helping with interactive electronic services provided by the district and other partners (Kaiser, Medicare, CoreSource, Delta, etc.)

* 10. Please state other concerns that you would like to see addressed by the District.

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