Welcome to the Penrose Survey of Horse Riders

The National Trust and URS, on behalf of Defra, are undertaking an assessment of the social and economic benefits of recreational trails.

The aim of this research is to also allow for more effective decision-making, policy formulation, and intervention programmes to aid the continued development and management of recreational trails.

As a horse rider within the local area, we invite you to participate in the following survey to share your views on the benefits that you recieve from recreational trails within your area, and in particular those within Penrose. The survey has been designed with a mixture of both closed and open questions, and should take around 5-8 minutes to complete.

Please be assured that none of your responses will be attributed back to you personally.

If you have any problems completing this survey please contact Barry Woodfin (01256 315105) or Kevin Duxbury (0161 237 6036) for further information.