Penobscot Nation Constitution Development Survey

This is a survey for Penobscot Nation tribal members to provide input to the Working Group that is drafting the Penobscot Nation's Constitution. The results will be used to help guide the Constitution's development.

* 1. Whenever possible, should the Penobscot language be used in the Constitution for the names of elected positions (so long as an English translation is also included)? Such as sὰkəmα (Chief) and wečíhčihket (Vice-Chief)?

* 2. In historic times, the legislative body of all adult Penobscot tribal members was called the General Council. In more recent times, the body has been called the General Meeting. Which term should be used?

* 3. Which of the following Tribal Council actions must be approved by the General Meeting before they are valid?

* 4. Should the number of Tribal Council members be reduced from 12 members to 6 members in order to save money and/or shorten the length of Tribal Council meetings?

* 5. Tribal law refers to the position of Tribal Council Chair. How should this person be selected

* 6. Should the Constitution require each Council member to attend every General Meeting unless excused beforehand by the Chief due to illness, or other personal or family emergency?

* 7. Assuming that all Tribal Council meetings are open to all tribal members, under which of the following circumstances may the Council enter executive session closed to non-Council members

* 8. Should there be a waiver of the Nation’s sovereign immunity from lawsuits to allow a tribal member to bring an action in the Tribal Court to enforce any provision of the Constitution?

* 9. How should the Tribal Justice System’s judges and justices be selected?

* 10. Should the Constitution should be adopted by a tribe-wide referendum or a General Meeting vote?