Have you ever wanted to peek into other teachers' classrooms and see how they do things? Could they have some strategies and ideas that you could be using? How do they handle classroom issues and problems? If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, we will provide a sub to take your class for one hour while you observe a colleague. Or, you may prefer to observe outside of your regular teaching time and receive one hour of non-instructional pay. Participants will be responsible for coordinating with a peer in advance. If you would like the office to arrange a sub for you, we will need a week's notice. Please fill out the information below in order to submit your request to participate. You will be required to submit feedback on your experience after your observation via a post survey. We will be collecting this feedback so that we can evaluate the usefulness of this project at the end of the semester.

* 1. What is your name and what level do you teach?

* 2. Which teacher and what level would you like to observe (make sure you ask them first!) ?

* 3. Tell us why you are interested in observing a peer?

* 4. When would you like to observe your peer?

* 5. Do you need the office to find a sub for your class for one hour while you leave to observe?

* 6. If you have arranged for your own sub, please indicate who you would like your sub to be:

If you have additional questions or comments, please email Alice directly at amecom@glendale.edu. Please do not send the answers to these questions over email; instead, respond to them here on this survey so that all responses can be stored and managed on-line. Thank you very much! We hope this opportunity is of benefit to you.