HSU members have been seeking fair and genuine consultation on the creation of the NSW Health Peer Workers Strategic Framework for over 18 months. In fact, Peer Workers have been waiting for a strategic framework since 2013!

In this time, the Ministry of Health delayed, blocked, and minimised the important contribution that we can make as practicing Peer Workers to our own Framework.

In 2023, we took industrial action and our concerns over the Framework to the Minister for Mental Health, the honourable Rose Jackson. After hearing our concerns, the Minister for Mental Health made a commitment that we would have a genuine say in the creation of our own Framework.

Since this time, the Ministry has expressed that there is only space for 1 HSU Peer Worker to attend the Expert Reference Group drafting the Framework.

This means there will be more nurses and managers than rank and file Peer Workers on our Framework Committee deciding the future of our profession.

We, the undersigned, are asking the Ministry of Health and Minister Jackson to honour their commitments to genuine consultation and co-design and allow for 3 HSU Peer Workers and 1 HSU official to sit on the Expert Reference Group.

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