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Want context without all the reading? Watch the following video segments that explain more:

Or read the plan (in full or by sections) here.

Pedestrian street classifications reflect the level of pedestrian activity on a street. A demand-based approach helps ensure that walking improvements are prioritized on streets that provide access to schools, transit stops and neighborhood commercial districts, the destinations Portlanders said in the Walking Priorities Survey are most important to them.

Read about the proposed pedestrian street classifications here
Or watch a brief explainer video about them here

View an interactive map to see specifically where the different classifications are proposed throughout the city and in your neighborhood.

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* 1. Are there any streets that we should consider classifying differently for pedestrians? Please use the criteria in PedPDX to tell us why.

(EX: N Fremont between N Williams and N Mississippi should be a City Walkway because it has transit service).

If there aren't any streets you'd propose to classify differently, please just skip this question.


View the interactive maps to see where we've identified sidewalk gaps and crossings gaps.

Crossing gaps are based on the PedPDX crossing spacing guidelines found here.
Watch the explainer video about needs and prioritization here.

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* 2. Did we capture all of the missing crossings and sidewalks per our criteria? If you think we missed one, we’ll double-check it. Please explain exactly where.

(EX: On NE Prescott St between I-205 and NE 102nd Ave).

If you don't have any to note or we already captured the ones you're concerned about, please just skip this question.


Review the equity, safety, and demand criteria used to prioritize needs and view the interactive map to see how streets are prioritized in the city and in your neighborhood.

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* 3. How well does our equity, safety, and demand approach reflect what we heard in the walking priorities survey?

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* 4. Which Toolbox strategies or actions do you most strongly support? If possible, please name the action or strategy number in the plan. 

(EX: I strongly support Action 3.5, "Raised Crosswalks" because I think it will help create a safer, more accessible pedestrian experience in commercial areas)

Question Title

* 5. Do you have any suggested edits or additions to the strategies and actions in the Toolbox? If applicable, please name the action or strategy number in the plan you are commenting on.

(EX: I have concerns about Action 1.2, "Crossing Spacing Guidelines" because I think that in dense areas in the city marked crossings should be even closer!)

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* 6. How well do you feel the public has been engaged in PedPDX?

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* 7. How supportive are you of PedPDX: Portland's Citywide Pedestrian Plan at this time?

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