The Peachtree Corners Green Committee is asking you to complete a brief survey of 7 questions which will take less than 5 minutes to complete. The survey responses are anonymous and will provide information to city officials who are making decisions about trees in our community.

* 1. If you drove into a parking lot and there was a parking space close to where you wanted to go, but it was in the sun, and there was a parking space further away but in the shade, which parking space would you choose?

* 2. The city should educate residents about local laws regarding trees.

* 3. The city should be involved in decisions about whether to keep or remove trees on private property (your property and your neighbor's property)?

* 4. The city should consider how development affects our tree canopy when making land use and permitting decisions.

* 5. Peachtree Corners now has about 50 % tree canopy (or land surface shaded by trees). In 10 years, what percent of Peachtree Corners would you like to see covered by tree canopy?

* 6. If you were offered a free tree, but you had to plant it in your yard, would you be willing to make a space for the tree in your landscape?

* 7. Is there anything else you would like to see Peachtree Corners consider regarding trees and the environment when planning, developing and maintaining the city?