Paulding County is conducting a five year update to the Paulding County 2030 Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) for unincorporated Paulding County and the cities of Braswell, Dallas, and Hiram, Georgia. The CTP will assist Paulding County communities in defining jurisdiction-wide goals and priorities, assessing current and future mobility needs, and developing transportation planning strategies. You can contribute to this very important plan by answering the questions below. Your participation is appreciated.

* 1. My primary purposes for travel in Paulding County are due to (select only 2 answers)

* 2. What would you rate the level of traffic congestion in Paulding County? (1=Minimal, 5=Extreme)

* 3. Are there any roads or intersections where you feel safety is a concern?

* 4. What roads do you think need improvement other than maintenance? Some examples: wider or additional lanes, wider shoulders, etc. (Please rank in order of need)

* 5. What are the major areas of concern in your town that need improvement? (Please rank in order of most needed in your opinion)

* 6. What would you rate existing bicycle and pedestrian facilities in Paulding County?

* 7. What currently prevents you from walking or bicycling? (Choose all that apply)

* 8. Do you feel transit service is needed for public and human service transportation in Paulding County (being transit programs or transit facilities for meeting basic health, welfare, or other needs of a society of group)?

* 9. If you were given 100% of the funds in the transportation budget, how would you distribute the percentages of the funds among these project types? Please make sure that all the numbers total 100%.

* 10. What municipality do you live in?

* 11. Please list below additional general comments and/or concerns that you feel may have been left off of this list that needs additional discussion or consideration.