Patient and Care Partner Communication Opt-in Request

Greetings! In the past you have interacted with the Kidney Health Initiative (KHI) through workshops and/or meetings. As a public-private partnership with the US Food and Drug Administration, KHI works to include the patient voice in projects, workshops and product development in general. We are currently working to increase our communication with you and would like to provide an opportunity for you to opt-in and receive KHI communications. 

By filling out this request and providing KHI with your information, you will:  

1.    Receive a newsletter and other communication via email regarding activities from KHI and the KHI Patient and Family Partnership Council; 

2.    Be contacted as opportunities arise, such as filling out patient surveys from project workgroups, participating in a KHI workshop, or providing feedback on articles or future project proposals; and 

3.    Learn about future KHI activities and provide input on other patient-related activities. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact KHI staff at