AMGH Ambulatory Care Clinic Patient Survey

* 1. During this clinic visit, did you know where to go once you arrived at the hospital?

* 2. Would you recommend this department to your friends and family?

* 3. It is our practice to phone each patient 1-2 weeks before each appointment. Did you receive a reminder call?

* 4. If you left a message at the clinic, did you receive a reply within a reasonable timeframe?

* 5. During this visit, how often did staff treat you with respect and courtesy?

* 6. During this visit, were you seen close to your scheduled appointment time?

* 7. During this visit, were things explained to you in a way you could understand?

* 8. During this visit, did you feel you had enough time to speak with your health care provider?

* 9. After your visit, did you understand your plan of care?

* 10. Is there anyone you would like recognized for providing exceptional care?

* 11. Is there anything else we could do to improve your experience at Alexandra Marine and General Hospital?

* 12. Please provide full name and contact information if you would like to discuss your experience with a member of our leadership team.