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This survey is being conducted by the National Parks Conservation Association in order to better understand the relationships between business and the “Crown of the Continent .” With Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park at its core, The Crown of the Continent is a region of breath-taking beauty transcending portions of Alberta, British Columbia and Montana. Your responses are confidential, and your participation is voluntary. Thank you for your time, your responses are appreciated.


* 1. What is your home postal code? (In U.S. enter 5-digit ZIP code; in Canada enter 6-digit postal code)

* 2. How long have you lived in your current location?

* 3. At any point in your life, did you move away from this area for work or school, and then move back?

* 4. What is your role in the work place?

* 5. How long have you been at your current place of work?

* 6. What category would you most identify your business/place of work with?

* 7. Have any of the following factors influenced the physical location of your business or place of employment?

* 8. Do any of the following amenities have a positive impact on your business or place of employment?

* 9. Does your business or place of employment use any of the following amenities to attract customers?

* 10. Does your business or place of employment use any of the following amenities to attract employees?

* 11. If you are an employee, do any of the following amenities contribute to your decision to live and work where you do?

* 12. Do you agree or disagree that the “Crown of the Continent” and the natural amenities contained within....

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Somewhat Disagree Somewhat Agree Agree Strongly Agree
Have a positive impact on businesses
Attract new businesses to the area
Encourage existing businesses to remain in the area
Contribute to the formation of new businesses
Assist in attracting and retaining employees

* 13. Please rate how important, or unimportant you feel the following elements are to the economy of your community.

  Unimportant Somewhat Unimportant Somewhat Important Important
Cell phone service
Clean waterways
Hunting and fishing
Internet service
Public lands
Second homes
Small town/rural atmosphere
Timber harvest
Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park

* 14. What is your gender?

* 15. Which category below includes your age?

* 16. What is the highest level of school you have completed or the highest degree you have received?

* 17. What best describes your annual household income?

* 18. If you moved here because of the natural amenities, please describe your experiences that led to that decision.

* 19. We are searching for stories about business connections to the “Crown,” if you are interested in having your story told, please include your name and best way to reach you.

* 20. If you would like to receive a copy of the Pathway's to Prosperity report, please leave your name and the best way to reach you (enters you in a chance to win a free annual pass to Waterton-Glacier Park.

* 21. If you would like to receive information on National Parks Conservation Association’s work related to National Parks throughout the U.S., please leave your name and best way to reach you.