Eligibility Criteria

Thank you for your interest in the RCC Pathway Program.
To be eligible for the program you need to meet the following criteria:

Completed 15 units or less
2.5 GPA
Full time Student (12 units or more)
Riverside Home Campus

If you answered yes to all, please complete this form to waitlist for the Pathways Program.
This is not a guarantee. The deadline to submit this waitlist form is Friday, Sept 29th. Students will be contacted through their RCC student email by Friday, Oct 20th regarding their eligibility to participate in the program.

* 1. Student ID

* 2. Last Name

* 3. First Name

* 4. Phone Number

* 5. Email

* 6. Major (undecided is acceptable, but you must answer question 7)

* 7. Career (If undecided, please put a career you are interested in exploring)