Registration for Secret Worshiper survey

* This request may only be submitted by the church's senior pastor.
* Before registration, the pastor must find a trusted pastor from another church who agrees to recruit anonymous secret worshipers for the project.
* There is no charge for this survey
* Details at

* 1. Church and Pastor information:

* 2. Please re-enter the Pastor's email address here.

* 3. Our worship service is on:

* 4. What time does the main worship service begin?

Multiple services? List the best attended worship time here and write other worship services in final comment box.

* 5. The following "Recruiting Pastor" has read his instruction page ( and made a commitment to find 3-7 secret worshipers to anonymously visit our church and complete the survey. He will be issued a unique web link for those secret worshipers' surveys.

* 6. After I submit this request, I will not discuss the Secret Worshiper plan with the Recruiting Pastor during the next six months.

* 7. I confirm that I am the senior pastor at the requesting church.