About This Evaluation

Evaluations are an important part of good ministry, and your experience with Union Church matters. Our pastor, Rev. Kent, is committed to working with the congregation in the best possible ways to further God's ministry in all that we do together. Your responses on the following pages will help us all know how to refine our efforts, especially as we reflect on the Covid-19 Pandemic and the effects it has had in the church community.

This survey takes between 15-19 minutes to complete, (your mileage may vary). The investment of your time is both valuable and appreciated!

The survey is comprised of the following areas of evaluation: 

  Pastoral Ministry

  Pulpit Worship Ministry
  Church Administration
  Personal Qualities
  Community and Denominational Participation
  Evangelism Leadership
  Community Life and Growth
  Faith Development Leadership

With each category, you'll find questions asking you to rank the pastor's performance on a series of skills. You will also find a comment box for you to make additional notes on that particular area of evaluation. At the end of the survey, you will also be invited to share with the pastor more general statements of appreciation, concern, and growth.

Our last comprehensive Church Pastoral Evaluation Survey at Union Church occurred in 2019.  About two-thirds of the time since then has been affected by the pandemic. In the most recent span during that time, most activities of the church, including meetings and worship, have been virtual or heavily modified.  These experiences will be most fresh in your memories.  You may answer the survey questions from this virtual perspective.  However, should you wish to distinguish between in-person activities/impressions “before COVID,” and virtual activities/impressions “during COVID,” then you may do so in the comments at the end of each section of the survey. Of course you can also submit any comments or reflection not covered by the questions at the end of the survey. 

Thank you for participating in this important aspect of our community life. Rev. Kent is a gift to us and your honest evaluation will help him grow to be an even more effective pastor.