The Peruvian Paso Longevity Project

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Our Mission:
To provide a reference document listing Peruvian Paso Horses that lived 20 Years or More

This Project will identify Peruvian Paso horses that lived 20 years and longer. The findings will be made available at no charge on an Internet website that will be periodically updated.

Please tell us about any registered Peruvian horses that lived 20 years or more. Kindly provide all possible information, but do not worry if some details are missing. All data will be correlated with Canadian, American, Peruvian, and other breed registry databases and will be accepted once verified--at the sole discretion of project administrators.

This survey form provides space for up to five horses. We encourage you to please come back and fill out as many additional forms as you wish. To receive another form after you send this one, just click on the link you followed to get here. You do not have to own a horse to nominate it. There is a place for general comments at the end where you can include details not requested or provide other pertinent information.

Thank you for your assistance!
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If you enter your name, you will be listed as a contributor, but not linked to specific information. Your email address will not be disclosed by the Project. Administrators reserve for themselves all decisions as to incorporation of data or resolution of discrepancies. All information that is not a matter of public record is provided voluntarily by contributors who give their permission for its use.

By entering information in the survey you voluntarily accept the above-stated conditions.

Please do NOT use your browser's "Forward" or "Back" buttons for the duration of the survey.