Parrot Partner is a registered charity whose main goals are public education, rehabilitation, and the re- homing of exotic birds. Please answer ALL of the questions and feel free to explain any answers. We ensure that all of your information is kept confidential.

It is imperative that you know how important volunteers are to Parrot Partner's operations.
Volunteers an integral part of our team, the philosophy of which is to work together as a whole, in harmony and with support for one another. Volunteers and the contributions they make significantly enhance the quality of life for our flock, our customers and the community at large.

Our greatest need at the moment is WEEKEDAY PARROT CARE. We are looking for responsible and compassionate people to assist with feeding the parrots, cleaning cages, and parrot enrichment.  Our weekday shifts are daily between 10am and 2pm.  We will have afternoon shifts in the near future as well.  

1. Parrot care: food preparation, cleaning, foraging activities, training, and bird socialization.
2. Creative: toy making, perch and stand creation, cutting wood for foraging buckets
3. Awareness & Education: community marketing, aviary tours/supervision, participation in events, adoptions
4. Maintenance: shopping, gardening, aviary maintenance

You name it; there is something for everyone. Volunteering hours can be used for co-op placements and will be given credit for high school graduation. Please, talk to us and see out how your time and gifts can help the amazing parrots in our care.