* 1. How many minutes should you do physical activity every day?

* 2. Which activity is an aerobic/cardiovascular (healthy heart) activity?

* 3. How many servings of fruits and vegetables should we be eating each day?

* 4. How many rooms are there in your heart?

* 5. How often should we brush our teeth?

* 6. What is the addictive chemical in cigarettes and e-cigarettes that makes it hard to quit smoking?

* 7. What part of the air we breathe into our lungs does every cell in our body need to stay healthy?

* 8. How often should we get a new toothbrush and throw away our old one?

* 9. We should wash our hands with soap and warm water for at 15 to 20 seconds.

* 10. If your clothes were to catch on fire, what FOUR things should you do?