City of Parksville Council wishes to seek input from the community before determining which cannabis regulations to enact. A first step in the process of informing future decisions is this online survey for residents. Thank you for your time and input to this survey. The deadline to complete this survey is March 31.

Council wishes to seek input from the community before determining what cannabis regulations to enact and how best to manage legalization in the best interests of Parksville residents. A first step in the process of informing future decisions is an online survey for residents. Your input is an important part of this process to inform changes and updates to Parksville bylaws as well as new bylaws and policies to respond to cannabis legalization.

The Government of Canada has announced legalization of cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes beginning July 2018. In support of this initiative, Canada passed Bill C-45 (the Cannabis Act) and Bill C-46 (amendments to the Criminal Code specific to impaired driving). The legislation will make it legal to grow, sell and possess cannabis for recreational purposes.

The federal government will regulate quality and establish some baseline federal conditions, such as minimum age restrictions. The provinces and territories will be responsible for the distribution and retail system within their respective jurisdictions.

In February 2018, Parksville Council directed staff to amend the relevant bylaws to prohibit cannabis related activities, including retail sales of non-medicinal cannabis, until additional information is available from the province on the regulatory framework and the residents of Parksville have been provided an opportunity to submit comment for Council’s consideration.

* 1. Where do you think cannabis retail sales should be permitted?

* 2. Should the City prohibit mobile cannabis businesses, including mail order and delivery of cannabis and cannabis related products?

* 3. Where do you think cannabis growing, processing and packaging should be permitted?

* 4. Should the City establish distance requirements from other uses?

* 5. If you answered yes, which uses should the City establish setbacks from? (please choose all uses that should have a setback distance)

* 6. If you believe setback distances should be established, what should they be?

* 7. Should the City prohibit cannabis processing, growing or retails sales as a home-based business?

* 8. Should the City prohibit the outdoor growing of cannabis?

* 9. Should the City restrict the outdoor growing of cannabis?

* 10. If you answered yes: How should the City restrict outdoor growing of cannabis?

* 11. Should the City prohibit the growing of recreational cannabis in non-commercial zones?

* 12. If you answered no, should the City restrict where cannabis can be grown for personal recreational use?

* 13. Should the City restrict the extraction of cannabis oil to industrial and agricultural zones ? This extraction uses solvents with a risk of combustion.

* 14. Should the City limit the hours of operation of cannabis sales outlets?

* 15. If yes, what should the hours be?

* 16. Should the City prohibit onsite consumption, including the provision of samples to consumers?

* 17. Should the City ban all public consumption of recreational cannabis (smoking/ vaping)?

* 18. Should the City establish zones where consumption (smoking/ vaping) is prohibited, e.g. near playgrounds, public parks, public buildings?

* 19. Should the City prohibit the sale of edibles?

* 20. Should the City establish rules, similar to those for tobacco, to restrict visibility of the products by minors – e.g. separate store location with no minors permitted to enter, rules on display and advertising outside of established areas?

* 21. Do you live in the City of Parksville?

* 22. Please provide any additional comments.